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Useful and practical items are great, but fun and frivolous ones are too. All those Christmas socks and ties have served you well, but... Let’s put it this way, you don’t see too many ipods and golf clubs being returned on Boxing Day. 
Spread a little fun and leisure in next promotional and branding campaign, it will go a long way.


Rising incomes, interest in wellness push recreation spending

A renewed interest in well-being, especially among baby boomers, as well as rising personal incomes, led to more spending on health and fitness in 2005. This prompted an expansion in the number of fitness and recreation centres across the country. Golf courses also enjoyed renewed success, as the sport increased in popularity, possibly the result of retiring baby boomers heading to the links.

In 2005, households spent an average $3,918 on recreation, up slightly from $3,678 in 2004. Items included in the 2005 figure are: an average $166 on sports and athletic equipment; $665 to buy and operate recreational vehicles such as snowmobiles, bicycles and trailers; and $299 for the use of sports and recreation facilities.

Source: Statistics Canada