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Tradeshows and Freebies

Tradeshows are considered by many as being the ultimate sales and marketing opportunity, but only if each and every detail is considered. 

The main objective is to meet new customers and to make a great impression, and to be remembered in the weeks and months to follow.

Tradeshows are also an ideal time to touch base with your current customers, and to thank them for their patronage.

It's important to select the right promotional item. For example, a memory stick may be effective at a computer show, but branded golf accessories might be a better choice for business executives.

 A well executed plan will leave a lasting impression, and BXP will help you every step of the way.



Top 10 Uses for Promotional Products

The # 1 reason is to foster Customer Goodwill & Retention

Tradeshows come in as a close second

The rest of the top 10

  • Employee Relations & Events
  • Brand Awareness
  • Public Relations
  • New Customer/Account Generation
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Not-For-Profit Programs
  • Internal Promotions
  • New Product/service Launch